Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton | Ars Nova Workshop
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Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton

Friday, April 19

Ars Nova Workshop is thrilled to present the limitless pairing of experimental noise duo Wolf Eyes and iconic saxophonist/composer Anthony Braxton, at Solar Myth on Friday, April 19. (Rescheduled from Friday, January 19.)

It may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the collaboration between noise pioneers Wolf Eyes (Nate Young and John Olson) and the revered saxophonist and composer Anthony Braxton has lasted now for nearly two decades. The meeting of forward-searching minds bridges two generations of avant-garde radicalism. The volcanic Wolf Eyes are known for their bizarre and otherworldly approach to music, creating a sound that is both disturbing and hypnotic and garnering them a reputation as one of the most frightening and weird bands in the world. Anthony Braxton is recognized as one of the most important musicians, educators, and creative thinkers of the past 50 years,  esteemed in the experimental music community for the revolutionary quality of his work and for the mentorship and inspiration he has provided to generations of younger musicians. Drawing upon a disparate mix of influences from John Coltrane to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Braxton has created a unique musical system that celebrates the concept of global creativity and our shared humanity.

Friday, April 19


  • Performance

Program Info

$40 General Admission
21 & Over


Wolf Eyes

  • Nate Young
  • John Olson

Anthony Braxton


Solar Myth, 1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

This is a standing show.