Titan to Tachyons
Wednesday, March 27
8:00 PM
  • Performance

Solar Myth
1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA
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This is a seated show.

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$20 General Admission
21 & Over


Titan to Tachyons

  • Sally Gates – guitar
  • Matt Hollenberg – bass VI
  • Trevor Dunn – bass
  • Kenny Grohowski – drums

Ars Nova Workshop presents the all-star jazz-metal group Titan to Tachyons at Solar Myth on Wednesday, March 27.

Titan to Tachyons is an instrumental experimental jazz-metal group led by New Zealand/New York composer and guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Orbweaver), which features Kenny Grohowski (Secret Chiefs 3, John Zorn) on drums, and two bassists: Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Tomahawk) and Matt Hollenberg (Cleric, John Zorn). The quartet’s music depicts the realms of surrealism and science-fiction through eclectic and improvisational passages, juxtaposed by fluid grooves and metallic flurries. The band recently released their mind-blowing second album, Vonals, via John Zorn’s Tzadik Records. As alluring as it is unpredictable, the album features spaced-out free-flowing jams merged with explosive metallic outbursts, as if the listener was watching a time-lapse video of the cosmos forming from an ominous jazz lounge in a David Lynch film.

Cover: Sally Gates