Skeeter Shelton’s Spectrum 3 | Ars Nova Workshop
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Skeeter Shelton’s Spectrum 3

June 5, 2023

Ars Nova Workshop presents the Philadelphia debut of fiery yet soulful Detroit trio Spectrum 3 at Solar Myth.

Led by saxophonist Skeeter Shelton, Spectrum 3 combines the outer reaches of free improvisation with Shelton’s soulful compositions, the raw aesthetic of their Detroit home and the extended technique explorations of the avant-garde. As the son of drummer and Association for the Advancement of Creative Music (AACM) charter member Ajaramu Shelton, Shelton was largely raised by organist Amina Claudine Meyers and has performed and/or recorded with Fred Anderson, James Blood Ulmer, Han Bennink, Hamid Drake, James Carter and Dushun Mosley. In Spectrum 3 he is joined by former Wolf Eyes guitarist James Baljo and multi-instrumentalist Joel Peterson, a founding member of Immigrant Suns, Cycle of Rejuvenation (with William Hooker), and Chatoyant, among other adventurous combinations.

Monday, June 5


  • Performance

Program Info

$25 General Admission
21 & Over


Spectrum 3

  • Skeeter Shelton – saxophone
  • Joel Peterson – bass
  • James Baljo – drums


Solar Myth
Philadelphia, PA

This is a seated show.