Matchess & Lia Kohl / Jonah Parzen-Johnson | Ars Nova Workshop
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Matchess & Lia Kohl / Jonah Parzen-Johnson

Tuesday, June 25

Ars Nova Workshop presents the exploratory double bill of sound artists Lia Kohl and Matchess (Whitney Johnson) and baritone saxophonist Jonah Parzen-Johnson at Solar Myth on Tuesday, June 25.

Based in Chicago, Lia Kohl and Matchess (Whitney Johnson) are musicians and sound artists whose projects delve deeply into the relationships between space, humanity and the sonic environment. Kohl (Steve Gunn, Makaya McCraven) is a cellist and composer whose work centers curiosity and patience, an exploration of the mundane and profound possibilities of sound. Matchess is an artist who uses sound to explore relationships between bodies and minds. She composes, performs, and installs multi-channel sound from the viola, sine waves, Max/MSP, organ, synthesizers, vocalization, tape looping, and field recording. Jonah Parzen-Johnson makes music for baritone saxophone and flute that challenges listeners with experimental textures and forms while embracing them with warm approachable melodies. A Chicago native and longtime Brooklyn resident, Parzen-Johnson’s solo performances are a deeply intimate experience, as he endeavors to share who he is, how he sees our world, and the temporary moments of community that we can all embrace together.

Tuesday, June 25


  • Performance

Program Info

$25 General Admission
21 & Over


  • Lia Kohl & Matchess
  • Jonah Parzen-Johnson


Solar Myth, 1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

This is a seated show.