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Brandee Younger

A tribute to Dorothy Ashby

June 23, 2023

Ars Nova Workshop presents acclaimed jazz harpist Brandee Younger paying homage to one of her most legendary forebears, the great Dorothy Ashby, at Solar Myth on Friday, June 23.

With a style that combines jazz, R&B, classical, and soul influences, Brandee Younger has rapidly ascended to the pantheon of jazz harp players, working with greats across genres, including Pharoah Sanders, Jack DeJohnette, Reggie Workman, Common, Drake, and Lauryn Hill. It doesn’t diminish her achievements at all that there have been so few idols for her to emulate. One of those rare forebears is Dorothy Ashby, an undersung virtuoso in her lifetime but, like Brandee’s other major influence Alice Coltrane, esteemed in more recent years. Ashby became better known for her contributions to notable recordings by R&B stars including Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and Bobby Womack.

Cover: Brandee Younger
Friday, June 23


  • Performance

Program Info

$30 General Admission
21 & Over


Brandee Younger

  • Brandee Younger – harp
  • Rashaan Carter – bass
  • Allan Mednard – drums


Solar Myth
Philadelphia, PA

This is a seated show.