Anna Webber’s Shimmer Wince
Saturday, September 21
8:00 PM
  • Performance

Solar Myth
1131 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA
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This is a seated show.

Program Info

$25 General Admission
21 & Over


Shimmer Wince

  • Anna Webber — tenor sax, flute, bass flute
  • Adam O’Farrill — trumpet
  • Mariel Roberts — cello
  • Elias Stemeseder — synthesizer
  • Lesley Mok — drums

Ars Nova Workshop presents the acclaimed tenor saxophonist, flutist and composer Anna Webber with her stunning quintet Shimmer Wince at Solar Myth on Saturday, September 21, 2024.

Flutist, saxophonist and composer Anna Webber is a central figure in the New York jazz scene and is considered one of the most innovative musicians of her generation, boasting a surprising range of activity. Her music has been called “visionary and captivating” by The Wall Street Journal and “heady music [that] appeals to the rest of the body” by NPR. A prolific bandleader, Webber also has been working with her Simple Trio, featuring John Hollenbeck and Matt Mitchell, for over a decade, as well as leading many other groups – such as a large ensemble, a septet, and a big band co-led by saxophonist/composer Angela Morris. She has performed and/or recorded with projects led by artists such as Dan Weiss, Roscoe Mitchell, Ranja Swaminathan, Jen Shyu, Dave Douglas, Matt Mitchell, Ches Smith, John Hollenbeck, and Trevor Dunn, among others. Her latest ensemble, Shimmer Wince, brings together the most innovative voices on the American jazz scene to explore the applications of just intonation, an ancient tuning system based on the natural harmonics and resonances of notes, in a jazz/improvised context, including its intersections with rhythm and groove.