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Radical Hospitality with Hear In Now

Ars Nova Workshop is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Broad Street Ministry. As BSM practices what they term “Radical Hospitality,” ANW brings the international trio Hear In Now to perform for BSM’s guests and collaborate with them in making music—a practice that opens hearts, minds, and imaginations.

Hear In Now will be performing for the guests of BSM’s midday meal—a program that serves 300-400 housing-challenged guests every weekday. In addition, the trio will be working with the patrons of BSM in a weekly music workshop inaugurated with the Philadelphia Orchestra that includes support by music therapists from Temple University. Finally, they will be performing a “First Friday” event on Friday, October 5, at 6:30pm, which is open to the public.

“Partnering with Broad Street Ministry is in keeping with ANW’s deeply held belief that music—and especially the creative music that ANW brings—can profoundly affect the lives of people whom it touches,” says Mark Christman, ANW’s Executive Artistic Director. “We believe this is most important for our fellow Philadelphians who are struggling with difficult circumstances. Sometimes, imagination is the most effective tool for broadening horizons.”

Hear In Now features our friend Tomeka Reid (of Chicago) with Mazz Swift (of NYC) and Silvia Bolognesi (of Siena, Italy). Tomeka appeared at last year’s October Revolution with The Art Ensemble of Chicago, and she is returning this hear with Hear In Now and with The Tomeka Reid Quartet.

Cover: Contemporary jazz ensemble, Hear in Now, performs during a midday meal at Broad Street Ministry, in Philadelphia / Photo: Christopher McDonald