Through collaboration and passionate investment, Ars Nova Workshop elevates the profile and expands the boundaries of jazz and contemporary music.


Mark Christman
Founder and Artistic Director, Ars Nova Workshop

Ned Borowsky
Chair, NAPCO Media

Blake Bradford
Director, Lincoln University-Barnes Foundation Museum Studies Program

Michael Garden
Principle, Michael Garden Group of Space & Co. Real Estate Collection

Mark Hildenberger
Strategic Relationship Manager, Exude, Inc.

Mike Hoffman
Owner/Operator, AKA Music

Germaine Ingram
Civil Rights Lawyer (ret.); Independent Dancer & Choreographer

Jonathan Stein
General Counsel, Community Legal Services

E. Mitchell Swann, P.W.
Principle, MDCSystems

Ralph M. Rosen
Vartan Gregorian Professor of the Humanities
Professor of Classical Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Mark Christman
Executive and Artistic Director

Celeste DiNucci
Director of Strategy and Development