November 2007

Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall (University of Pennsylvania)3417 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA Map
Price: Free Admission
Monday, November 5, 2007 - 8:00pm


Daniel Carter, saxophones + trumpet + flute + clarinet
Sabir Mateen, saxophones + flute + clarinet
Matthew Heyner, bass
Tom Bruno, drums

TEST is a collective creative improvising quartet based out of the NYC Underground. In the 1990s, they performed on a weekly basis in the streets and subway stations of New York City (Grand Central; Astor Place), filling the commuters' various selves with everything ranging from joy to confusion, flustered looks to looks of revelation, responses dependant on their own attendant baggage. Marked by the near constant interweaving of the front-line (as opposed to solo trading between the horns), and a far-ranging textural diversity (due in part to the multiple wind instruments mastered by Daniel and Sabir), TEST presents a collective of forward motion: all for one, cutting pure and true through the presently ruling culture of destruction.

Drummer Tom Bruno has been a member of the New York City Artists Collective for the past 25 years.  He was one of the original dwellers in the building at 501 Canal Street, which also housed David S. Ware and Cooper-Moore during the early 1970s loft scene. Self-determinacy, distrust of the biz, and a headspace running strict to the music being the reasons his name is not on the list of better known quantum leaps.

Same with Daniel Carter (add in a devout belief in functional anarchy), who for years and years has been recognized as a supremely distinguished master of sound by all who have come in touch with him, (count Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers, David S. Ware, William Parker, and Matthew Shipp among them). He is also a member of OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC and ONE WORLD ENSEMBLE.

Sabir Mateen is another extremely gifted mult-instrumentalist who has been out playing for years and, just now in the past few, getting some decidedly well-deserved recognition for the same (check Eremite Records for prime documentation).

Matthew Heyner, the youngster of the crew, is a former student of William Parker's (and one who took the Master's advice seriously by going out and playing) is a great talent fully in the making.  He is a member of the No Neck Blues Band, and regular performer in a number of other configurations with David Nuss (of NNCK), Sabir, Daniel and others.